The world as I see it

A body is seen on the ground after at least 30 people were killed in the southern French town of Nice when a truck ran into a crowd celebrating the Bastille Day national holiday
ATTENTION EDITORS – VISUAL COVERAGE OF SCENES OF INJURY OR DEATH – A body is seen on the ground July 15, 2016 after at least 30 people were killed in Nice, France, when a truck ran into a crowd celebrating the Bastille Day national holiday July 14. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

We are bio-psycho-social organisms, notes David Myers in his book, The Social Psychology. However, being sophomores, we associate ourselves with Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Buddhist or any other title our parents and so called society has stamped upon us. If you observe the people around you, you will find that each one of those two-legged social animals is a box. And each box is further covered with a bigger box of his/her upbringing. Considering all the environmental factors that influence behavior of an individual, parental and social conditions have the maximum impact in the psyche of a human being. The bitter truth of our society is that all of us know how to produce kids; unfortunately, hardly one knows how to raise them. I don’t say you or everyone, but most of us are motivated from our childhood to stay one step ahead of our peers or neighbors in whatever on earth we do. Our dreams and talents are butchered in the process of comparison with others. What we, as a society don’t realize is that we end up personifying the famous phrase of comparing apples to oranges! Ultimately useless! But again, that is a different problem with our society altogether.  And today, I am not interested in elaborating on that. I know you all know it very well.

Sometimes, when I write down my thoughts on the social issues, I wonder if my writings will ever bear an impact on the minds of people. Then I think little more and conclude, neither will not writing them. So I write anyway.

As a biological species, I believe, we are the most dangerous one to other species and even more so to our own kind. How many tigers have you ever seen or heard killing scores of rabbits or antelopes in a few minutes?  I reckon, no other animal has ever done that. In last 18 months alone, hundreds of innocent people across the globe have been preyed upon by a few derailed, demonic, disgusting and psychopathic fanatic and inhumane other humans who you can count on fingers. Well, I won’t run short of words while describing such people, however, it will hardly help me describe the pain of the people who have been victim of these atrocities. No words can console the people who have lost their loved ones in these incidents and have witnessed the horrors with their own eyes. No matter which part of the world you live in, after watching the monstrousness of terrorism, your tears won’t stop, your throat will choke and your heart will want to come out of your chest. Yet all you can do is empathize or sympathize with their insufferable pain.

Just a handful of people can kill hundreds and thousands and all of us educated, peace loving people are busy praying to our specific gods to save us from such unfortunate barbarity. Let me tell you this. No god came to save those who got killed so far and nor will come when you yourself will be caught in the similar situation.

Today, we live in a greed driven society where all our actions are tuned as per the level of our greed to something. And that something ranges from money to pleasure to power to superiority and so on. And we are growing greedier every day. We want to grow money not trees. It’s a time to slow down and think what is wrong with us. When was the last time you felt happy for your neighbor’s son’s success? When was the last time when you greeted a stranger and a poor with a genuine smile or when did you look upon a person and did not judge him/her based on his/her outfit and beliefs? When did you look at other human as a human? When did you tell your kid that success is not about getting better than someone you know or reaching at the top of an invisible social ladder, but the success is when you are able to build an amiable relationship with all other people and nature and live with harmony? When did you tell yourself and your kid that religion is not above humanity and all human beings deserve respect, love, kindness and care. Religion is just a philosophical and spiritual vehicle we have chosen to ride on based on our beliefs and faith. If you haven’t yet, now is the time. These handful of terrorists have upper hand because all of us sane people are divided with invisible but strong boundaries. Break them and embrace the gift of togetherness! The problem is inherent in our society and the one who can solve this problem is us when we work together. No one else can! No one else cares!




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