Don’t chase life ’cause you can’t catch it!

Sunday, 25th December, 2:30AM. My own breathing is the only sound that my ears can hear. Nope…I am not doing yoga! I am lying on the couch in my chandelier-lit living room with my eyes closed. Total quiet. Soothing Silence. Perfect setting for an introverted soul. I am in the zone. My brain started projecting flashbulb memories of my childhood. These memories are so vivid that it feels like it was yesterday when I was a 7 year old kid impersonating Simba, the Lion King, in the grassy backyard of my home in a small and beautiful village with my other friends. I have been in planet Earth for last 25 years and have accumulated several gigabytes or maybe petabytes of memories, both good and bad. And yet I still feel like my brain is an empty vessel. Doesn’t that puzzle you? Doesn’t it make you feel amazed, and thankful to nature for bestowing you with such a precious gift. Our brain is the most studied subject in our biological research field and despite so many advancements in the area of cognitive and neurosciences, we still haven’t been able to answer so many questions about wondrous wizard of our body. Of zillions of tasks that brain performs day-to-day, keeping store of our life’s various events is very special and dear to us. It is so because our memories make us what we are. Every decision, be it small or big, is influenced by our memories. Brian Falkner writes in his book, Brain Jack:
We are our memories. That’s all we are. That’s what makes us the person we are. The sum of all our memories from the day we were born. If you took a person and replaced his set of memories with another set, he’d be a different person. He’d think, act, and feel things differently.”
I couldn’t say better than that. It sounds magnificent to me. As we grow, from tween to teen, teen to adult and so on, we keep on creating memories of our experiences with our environment, society and ourselves. Our brain cells are ever-changing and our brain’s neurons are forming different patterns every second of our life. With age, we develop our own philosophy about life. With our learning and experiences our behavior keeps evolving and we keep on shaping ourselves what scientists term as “Personality”. Our prejudices, stereotypes, dogmas and perceptions are set up by our memories. Our memories are so powerful that they can change our mental state in a fraction of a second and make us feel like we are living the past experiences again.

Above paragraphs are full of information that we already know but have forgotten or have trashed it somewhere we can’t trace it back from. Why? Because we are so much caught up in the trivial pursuits of undefined success, societal acceptance and fulfilling our ego’s demands that our happiness becomes dependent upon these factors. No matter how much we have learnt in past years, we still live by other’s definition of life. We have become a slave of our own ego and base desires. We love noise and enjoy temporary escape from reality by various means. We are chasing happiness, love, money and everything that you can think of. Today, we have piled up our hearts with the heavy weight of failed relationships, broken trusts, unrealized dreams and all the negative memories which not only make us emotionally miserable, but also have detrimental effect on our health. We are running after quality life and at the same time we are ruining it unknowingly. Instant gratification is the need of the hour for us and we don’t care about anything else beyond that. We are afraid but are very good at hiding the fear, our needs and wants are in continuous conflict, we are chasing illusory success at the heaviest cost of our relationships, health, peace and our closed-to-heart dreams. We don’t even have time for asking ourselves “Why?”. In the age of Tinder, tenderness of love is the hardest thing to find, fake and showy and shallow relationships are trends and are made mostly for a fashion statement. Media and Entertainment industries have created a perception among us that if we are not in a relationship with an opposite sex, we are alone and unloved. No, we are not. Basically we have made this world a mess. What a waste of humans and their most precious gift: brain. One heartbreak leads people to commit suicide or even murder someone. One misunderstood word of religion leads one to kill scores of people. Life is just that easy to end. For a few moments of pleasure, you put your whole life in fire. I ask each one of you, why are you doing this? Why are you ruining yourself and everyone who really cares for you. Wake up. Walk a mile and think. Where have we gone wrong? Question yourself. Question your memories. Not all memories are good. Find the missing parts of your life.

Life is beautiful. You and your heart and soul are beautiful. Slow down, my friends and enjoy the view around you. Enjoy every emotion you have been gifted with. Be grateful for what you have. Your life may or may not be as good as you want it to be right now. Your life may have some great challenges. But that should not stop you from fighting them and making your life better. Your time in this world is a gift that has an expiry date. So use it in a way that brings a deep fulfillment and adds meaning to it. Make some cherishable memories every moment. Live life with your full presence and entirety of your emotions. Stop wasting your time and emotions in toxic relationships and desires. Stop chasing things blindly which are of no meaning to your life and happiness. You don’t need to chase life. You are already living it…….

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