Nitty-gritty of Mediocrity

If you are a person of science, then you must be believer of the Charles Darwin’s Survival Theory. He says that survival on this planet or probably in the whole universe supports the fittest species. You can see the same in our day to day life. Everybody, including all the animals, is running to survive their years in this world in their own ways and styles oblivious of the fact that they do not have many. Waking up every morning to fulfill the so called universe’s rule of mere survival is mediocrity to me. So I ask to myself, “Is this Universe  the origin of mediocrity?”. But when I see around the wonders of nature and the stars and galaxies and more, I start to doubt Charles Darwin’s proposed idea and within a few minutes I deny it. Universe is everything but mediocre. When Britishers attacked India and ruled it for over two hundreds years, they gave the justification by saying that it is nature’s rule where the fittest creatures rule over the less fits. If you still believe in Darwin, then according to you the British rule was all right and Indians deserved it, didn’t they? But that’s a politically debatable topic. Today we are going to learn the tidbits of mediocrity.

So, before we start condemning the word, we should know what mediocrity is. But it’s difficult to define as its boundaries are so vague to put a pin on it and say, this is it. In the simplest way what I can say is that it is relative and for every individual its definition may vary. To understand it deeply first we need to understand is that we, the humans, are the most intelligent beings found on earth which has the more capacity to think, create and feel compared to any other species. There are over 7.5 billion of us currently and billions have come, lived and left and billions will come to live as long as our solar system is intact and Earth is allowed by our species to keep doing what it does the best – sustain life. Before you move ahead, you need to accept the fact that we are not equal by birth and will never be equal. Equality is a political idea to keep the emotional beings that we are, happy. None of us is born with same privilege, same emotional and creative intelligence, and resources. Each one of us has different fears and insecurities. We all want something from our lives. If one is born in a financially poor family will set his life’s goal to be rich and happy. People with hoards of money will have some different goals in their lives. A person born with a disease will dream for an impeccable health. Everyone has their own idea of life and what they want from it. And it keeps on changing from time to time as our perception changes. All our efforts, goals and dreams come down to the perception that we have about an excellent and successful life. “If a dog gets good food and a comfortable place to sleep everyday, he will be huge success in his perception”, observed Tim Urban. But as you notice, we are humans and our goals must be beyond and better than that.

I found that it is our limited perception of life that comes through our experiences is reason behind our mediocre ways. We have over and over been taught mediocrity in our schools and colleges. Only thing that most of us learn through our lives is the art of survival. That art forces us to do things that doesn’t feel right and fulfilling to us. Mediocrity is a form of disease that most of humanity is suffering from and at the same time is not ready to accept it. When one falls in the trap of mediocrity, he/she gets stuck in the drug-like comfort of it. It looks deceivingly beautiful and easiest thing to do at first and slowly it devours one into its limbo of compromises and inner suffering. A mind covered with mediocrity suffers emotionally and intellectually till its last breath because it feels the guilt of not putting the best efforts to reach its highest potential. To avoid the darkness of mediocrity, everybody should know the looks and feels of mediocrity. Gareth van Onselen observed and noted the following symptoms of mediocrity in his award winning essay:  apathy; indifference; doubt; pervasiveness; insecurity; superficiality; vagueness; fear; timidity; denial; compromise; laziness; inertia; arbitrariness; obstinacy; moral indignation; pettiness; jealousy; stubbornness and neediness.

The traits mentioned above should help you to fight the attacks of mediocrity in your life. You might have some goals in your lives and you attempt to achieve them. You will fail thousand times and then some more. But failing is not mediocrity, but failing to attempt again owing to the fear of failure is.  Wherever you are in your life’s journey, try your best to do the needful in the given circumstances. Do not run away or try to escape from your fears because if you tried to do so, eventually you will be run over by them. Fight them and victory will be all yours.A sapling grows to its maximum height and it keeps growing. A river flows until it reaches its final destination. A bird flies the heights it can attain. Why shouldn’t you reach your highest point. You may ask where the point is. I can’t tell that and it is up-to you to find out.  But I can tell where it’s not.  Survival is just a small part of your life. Do not waste too much time on it. Keep exploring yourselves…You might find a hidden treasure within you….


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